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Doctor on Demand

Connect to urgent and mental health care from anywhere. See a doctor, therapist or psychiatrist virtually with Doctor on Demand by Included Health. Your virtual visits will have a $0 copay.


Wellness Reimbursement

Get reimbursed for fees you pay towards wellness activities - up to $300.

Up to two covered members on a family plan can be reimbursed for up to $150 each, for a maximum reimbursement of $300. Any combination of subscriber, spouse or dependent is eligible for reimbursement. For plans with one covered member, the maximum reimbursement amount is $150 per calendar year.  (Must be currently enrolled in Harvard Pilgrim at the time of reimbursement for at least four months within a calendar year.)

What qualifies for reimbursement?

  • Membership fees to gyms or fitness facilities
  • Virtual fitness class subscriptions
  • Studios or facilities that offer membership or tuition
  • Select nutrition programs
  • Select mindfulness meditation programs
  • Cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Seasonal town, club or school athletic fees 

How do I get reimbursed?

Click the link Wellness Reimbursement Form Instruction below for more information and to get the download and fill out the Wellness Reimbursement Form. Want your reimbursement faster? Submit your request online at


Transgender Health Services

Your HPHC plan covers transgender health services when deemed medically necessary, in a supportive and affirming environment.

Behavioral Health  - City of Lynn Behavioral Health Resource Page

Your behavioral health journey is personal, but you’re not alone. Through our partners, we deliver the support you and your family need. We encourage you to check out our menu of apps, digital tools and 24/7 support, so you can choose the path that’s right for you.

Other Resources:

  • HPHC Living Well at Home. Free virtual wellness classes & webinars
    Our well-being programs are here for you when you need them the most. Whether you are looking to shake it up, stretch it out, or get centered, we’ve got you covered with Zumba®, yoga, guided mindfulness, and wellness sessions, which are available to everyone. All classes are free and easy to access via Zoom.
  • HPHC Know Your Care Options. Know your care options before an injury or illness occurs. This quick guide helps you select the right care for your specific needs, day or night, virtually or in-person.
  • Ovia Health (APP). Ovia offers support for reproductive health, starting a family, having a healthy pregnancy, balancing life as a working parent and managing menopause. Ovia Health features three mobile apps: Ovia (formerly Ovia Fertility), Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting.