Employment Benefits



Your benefits are an important part of your overall compensation. The City of Lynn offers a wide range of benefits choices to you.

Please reach out to your benefits representative with any questions or concerns.

City of Lynn

Nancie M. DeJoie, Benefits Coordinator
3 City Hall Square, Rm #106
[email protected]
(781) 586-6901

Lynn Public Schools

Kerri Hodgdon, Benefits Administration Lead
3 City Hall Square, Rm #301
[email protected]
(781) 586-6769

Enrollment Eligibility

You are eligible for benefits if you are an active employee of the City of Lynn/Lynn Public Schools working a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Proof of relationship is required for each dependent during your enrollment period.  Enrollment will be delayed until proper documentation is submitted. 

Examples of documentation include the following:


  • Copy of marriage certificate 


  • Copy of redacted IRS 1040 tax forms
  • Copy of divorce/separation agreement


  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of legal adoption papers

Employee Self Service Resources: