Planning Board

The Lynn Planning Board is responsible for Administering Chapter 40A (The Zoning Act) and Chapter 41 (Municipal Planning and Subdivision Legislation). Some duties include endorsement of approval not required plans and subdivision plans, rezoning issues, tree hearings, etc.

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April 2021 Update: Mass_DEP_ST1_Certification_April_2021


Contact or Secretary Email

Jessica Chiappini

(781) 586-6874

[email protected]

Regular Members


Email or Phone

David Angelli, Clerk

25 York Terrace

[email protected]

Paul Price

10 Kevill Road

[email protected]

Robert Stillian, Chairman

37 Bell Aire Ave

[email protected]

Stephen C. Upton

27 Scranton Way

[email protected]

William Maher

19 Bonavesta Terrace

[email protected]