The City of Lynn ("City") provide for a procurement system of quality and integrity; provide for fair and open competition and equitable treatment of all persons or firms involved in purchasing by the City; ensure that supplies and services (including construction) are procured efficiently, effectively, and at the most favorable prices available to the City; promote competition in contracting; and assure that City purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws, local laws and Federal procurement laws if required.

All procurement and contracting activities of the City are conducted in accordance with all applicable provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 30B; M.G.L. Chapter 30, Section 39M; and M.G.L. Chapter 149 Sections 44 A-J, M.G.L. c. 7, §§38 A½-O and Federal Regulations at 24 CFR85.36 if applicable.

Timothy Leonard
City of Lynn
Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent

Timothy D. Leonard
(781) 586-6893
(781) 477-7027
[email protected]

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