Emergency Planning

The food code requires permitted food establishments to immediately notify city officials about imminent health hazards on-site.

You must immediately discontinue operations and notify the City Sanitarian of any of the following circumstances:
- Interruption/Disconnection of Electrical Service
- Interruption/Disconnection of Water Service
- Contaminated Water Supply
- Fire
- Flood
- Sewage Back-up
- Misuse of Poisonous/Toxic Materials
- Onset of a foodborne illness
- Gross Unsanitary conditions or any other circumstance that may endanger public health.

In the event of an imminent health hazard, the City Sanitarian or food inspector will provide guidance concerning emergency mitigation procedures including discarding spoiled/contaminated foods, disposable utensils and paper goods and/or communicate alternative processes to be followed so long as health hazards remain.

To reach the City Sanitarian when City Hall is closed, please email [email protected].

Establishments which have been closed due to a health hazard must be inspected and approved by city officials before re-opening.

Emergency Action Planning For Food Establishments