Rental Ordinance

Long-Term Apartment Rental Registration and Inspection Program

Long Term Apartment

Property owners may rent out dwelling units within their homes provided that this use complies with all local zoning regulations, the state building code, and the state sanitary code.

Rental Property Registration

The current City of Lynn Rental Ordinance requires requires owners of private residential rental housing units, including condominium units, shall register yearly and have inspections of such properties every five years and achieve compliance with the Inspectional Services Department ("ISD"). The initial registration is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and is valid starting July 1 and required to be renewed yearly at fifteen dollars ($15.00) per unit. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued after all inspections of the unit have been approved. The rental unit inspection fee is one hundred dollars ($100.00) with a reinspection fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

Complete the application materials below and return with payment to:

Inspection Services Department
3 City Hall Square Room 401
Lynn, MA 01901

The current City of Lynn Rental Ordinance further provides for a fine in the amount of Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) each day that a Long-term Rental property is not registered. Each day's failure to comply with a notice of violation or any other order shall constitute a separate violation. The City is allowing for a 30 day grace period for registration with the start of the program.

Please call Inspectional Services Department at (781) 598-4000 with any questions.


RENTAL ORDINANCE AND FORMS -Updated:July 7, 2023 4:02 PM

Rental Program - Owner Exempt Affidavit- Fill-In Form

Rental Program - Rental Unit Registration Form- Fill-In-Form

Rental Unit Inspection Ordinance

Rental Inspection Check List

Rental Registration and Inspection Fees

State Sanitary Code: Minimum Standards for Human Habitation
The state sanitary code can be found at 105 CMR §§ 410.000.


Please use the Rental Inspection Checklist above for information on what the inspection entails and what the requirements are.