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2023 Smart Recycling Guide

Smart Recycling Guide









Household Hazardous Waste Event

North Shore Reciprical Recycling Events Schedule - 2023

Waste Management Hotline
Waste Management maintains a hotline for Lynn residents to call for trash related information and complaints. Their number is (800) 972-4545

Residential Rules For Recycling

Recycle Often-Recycle Right Website

City of Lynn

City of Lynn Trash and Recycling Ordinance - Posted June 2020

City of Lynn Recycling Map

State Waste Ban Procedures

Effective May 13, 2017 we will no longer allow U-Haul Trucks and Commercial Vehicles to dump at Covanta during our Selective Bulky Item Days.


Great things happen when Lynn residents Recycle Often and Recycle Right. When everyday items like those shown below are recycled, tons of raw materials, time, energy and money are saved. Plus the recycled materials become new products, and the cycle continues.

- Use your 96-gallon cart with either the BLUE LID or a GREEN LID for every-other-week recycling

- Place only recyclables listed below in the cart

- Do not put recyclables in plastic bags

- Containers that held food should be rinsed and free of food debris and liquids

The Following Items May Be Recycled:

- Plastic Bottles and Containers
- Junk Mail, Office and School Paper
- Phone Books, Books, Catalogs, Magazines and Newspapers
- Glass Bottles and Jars
- Chipboard, Boxboard, Brown Paper Bags and Cardboard
- Aluminum Foil, Cans and Empty Aerosol Cans
- Paper Cardboard, Dairy and Juice Containers

Do Not Recycle The Following:

- No Food Waste and Liquids
- Keep Plastic Bags Out of Recycling
- No Foam Products
- No Yard Waste
- Shredded Paper (Put In Trash)

Great Things Happen

The Dirty Dozen


Do Not Bag