BUDGET - LaPierre, Lozzi, Starbard, Field, Hogan

ECONOMIC AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT - Field, Hogan, Alinsug, Lozzi, Starbard

EDUCATION - Chakoutis, LaPierre, Net, Alinsug, Field

GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION - Colucci, LaPierre, Net, Chakoutis, Starbard

HOUSING AND ELDERLY AFFAIRS - Chakoutis, Alinsug, Net, Field, Hogan

LICENSING - Field, Hogan, Lozzi, Net, Alinsug

LYNNWAY/MARKET STREET/ DOWNTOWN - Hogan, Chakoutis, Field, LaPierre, Starbard

ORDINANCE - Lozzi, Starbard, Field, Hogan, LaPierre

PERSONNEL - LaPierre, Net, Alinsug, Chakoutis,  Starbard

PUBLIC PROPERTY AND PARKS - Starbard, LaPierre, Colucci, Chakoutis, Field

PUBLIC SAFETY AND PUBLIC HEALTH - Field, LaPierre, Chakoutis, Alinsug, Hogan

PUBLIC WORKS - Lozzi, LaPierre, Starbard, Hogan, Net

RECREATIONAL CANNABIS SITE PLAN REVIEW - Starbard, Alinsug, LaPierre, Attorney Lamanna, Michael Donovan and James Cowdell

RULES - LaPierre, Chakoutis, Hogan, Starbard, Field

UTILITIES - Alinsug, McClain, Hogan, Colucci

VETERANS - McClain, Hogan, Field, Net, LaPierre

WAYS AND MEANS, Net, Starbard, Hogan, Chakoutis, Walsh

ILLEGAL, FIREWORKS ENFORCEMENT SUB-COMMITTEE, Hogan, Starbard, Net, Attorney Lamanna, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Michael Donovan, Andrew Hall, Lisa Tobin, and a Representative from the Mayor's Office

RELOCATION/POLLING PLACES SUB-COMMITTEE, Hogan, LaPierre, Field, Chief of Elections, Attorney Lamanna

GE SUB-COMMITTEE - Hogan, Starbard, LaPierre

ZONING SUB-COMMITTEE - LaPierre, Starbard, Field

LYNN TRASH/LITTER SUB-COMMITTEE - Field & Chakoutis, Colucci, Michael Donovan, Lisa Nerich, Jessica Chiappini, Attorney Lamanna and Lennin Pena

OPIOD SUB-COMMITTEE - Field, Alinsug, McClain