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The spring street sweeping program resumes in all neighborhoods beginning Monday, April 22nd (7am-3pm). The schedule for street sweeping can be found on the City website at via the street sweeping calendar. The calendar projects the street sweeping locations over the following 4 weeks. There will likely be changes due to weather and equipment availability. The schedule on the website will be updated daily with any changes.

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Beginning JANUARY 1st 2024, the City of Lynn is transitioning to an online permitting system for both resident parking and municipal lot parking. 

The link to the permit portal will be provided below as well as following the URL listed on the flyers below.

The Parking Departmentis responsible for the collection of fines relative to citations for Parking Tickets, Abandoned Vehicles, 40U, Noise, Litter, Smoking, Fire Department and Animal Control citations. The Department is authorized to initiate appropriate collection actions for violations not paid when due, including non-renewal of driver's license and registration, criminal complaint and tax liens. Other responsibilities include issuance of resident parking permits and management of the City's public parking lots.

Complaints / Concerns 

Phone - 781-586-6868

Email - [email protected]


 Lynn In Common - Parking Study Link:

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Parking Director

Jessica Chiappini
 [email protected]
Lynn City Hall, Room 102