Short Term Rentals

1)Home Share Unit:
- Owner's Primary Address
- Limited to 5 bedrooms or 10 guest (whichever is less)
- Whole unit is used as short-term rental unit

2)Limited Share Unit:
- Owner's Primary Address
- Portion of Unit used as STR, Owner/Operator present during rental
- Limited to 3 bedroom or 6 guests (whichever is less)
- 1 bedroom must bee reserved for Owner/Operator

3)Owner Adjacent Unit:
- Residential Unit offered as rental NOT Owner's Primary Residence
- Located within same dwelling as Owner's Primary Residence
- Only allowed in a 2 or 3 family dwelling where Owner/Operator resides
- Can only register one unit as a short-term rental unit


1. Identify the type of your Short-Term Rental

2. Complete the Short-Term Rental Application
- Complete Affidavit of Approval of Condo Association (if applicable)
- Complete Affidavit of Approval of Property Owner (If rental)

3. Complete Statement of Responsibility

4. Arrange for Inspection of the Short-Term Rental Unit;
- Review Inspectional Checklist prior to arranging inspections
- Contact Inspectional Service Dept. with any questions

5. Application Fee
- Checks made payable to the City of Lynn

SHORT TERM RENTAL FORMS -Updated:July 7, 2023 4:02 PM

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