Abandoned or Illegal Vehicles

All motor vehicles parked on public streets must be legally registered, have the correct number of plates displaying a valid registration sticker, and display a valid inspection sticker.

Vehicles not meeting these requirements are subject to being ticketed, towed and stored at owners expense. A landowner may keep only one unregistered vehicle stored on his or her private property. Vehicles may also be towed if they are left unattended on public streets for more than 72 hours or are not road worthy or present a fire or safety hazard or are parked illegally.

Fees set by State Department of Public Utilities for abandoned or illegal vehicles are as follows:
Towing — $175
Storage — $35 per day

To claim these vehicles, you must provide the Parking Department with proof of ownership and pay all outstanding fees and parking fines, with cash, bank check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted.


To report an abandoned vehicle, contact the Parking Department or submit a report directly on SeeClickFix.