If you have a problem with a wild animal in your home or property (e.g. chimney, attic, under decks or sheds, etc.) you must contact a licensed Problem Animal Control agent (PAC) or exterminator.

State law prohibits trapping or relocating wild animals without a license because:

  • Capturing and releasing wild animals may spread disease(s) to new populations of animals;
  • Introducing a new animal to a populated environment often results in conflict and stress within the existing animal population, as well as hardship or death to the new animal;
  • Relocated animals often return in any event – squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife may reappear after translocations of 5, 10 or even 15 miles;
  • Relocation only transfers the problem to another area, particularly in the case of an animal accustomed to living in close proximity to humans;
  • Removing the animal is a temporary solution at best that does not address the root cause(s) attracting wild animals to the property.

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