Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

The City of Lynn operates on the fiscal year of July 1st to June 30th. Real Estate taxes are collected quarterly. Tax bills are mailed four times per year and are due on:

  • August 1st
  • November 1st
  • February 1st
  • May 1st

All bills are available upon issuance on City Hall System's website. You may access your bill online by clicking here.

Payments received after the close of business on the due date are considered late and subject to interest at 14% from the first day late until the payment is received.

The Payment is considered made WHEN IT IS RECEIVED BY THE COLLECTOR, not when the payments were issued. POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Please note: if you are paying by E-Check (sending a payment via online banking): An E-Check is NOT the same as a wire or an ACH. Your bank will actually issue and mail a paper check. Please allow at least two weeks for your payment to be received by the Collector's office.