Flexible Spending

New for 2024!  The City of Lynn has chosen HRC Total Solutions, LLC (HRCTS) to be the administrator for our Flexible Spending plans.

City of Lynn Plan Year: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

FSA Plan Design

Plan Year Maximum: $3,200.00

Unused Funds at End of Plan Year: Rollover of $640 ($610 for 2023)

*At the end of each plan year there is a 90-day run-out period in which you can submit claims for eligible expenses incurred during the plan year.

DCA Plan Design

Plan Year Maximum: $5,000 (per household)

Unused Funds at End of Plan Year: 2.5 Month Grace Period.  

The 2.5 Month Grace Period provides an additional 2.5 months at the end of the plan year to incur eligible expenses, for new dates of service. The grace period begins the day following the end of the plan year. Claims submitted during this time automatically come out of the prior year’s remaining funds.

*At the end of each plan year there is a 90-day run-out period in which you can submit claims for eligible expenses incurred during the plan year.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

FSAs allow you to pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses using tax-free dollars. The money you contribute into an FSA is taken from your pay before your taxes are calculated, which decreases your taxable income and increases your take-home pay.


Health Care FSA


Dependent Care FSA




Contribute up to $3,200 per year (2024), pre-tax


Contribute up to $5,000 per year, pre-tax, or $2,500 if married and filing separate tax returns




Receive a debit card to pay for eligible medical expenses or submit claims and be reimbursed.


You must submit claims and be reimbursed (funds must be available in your account); no debit cards are provided.




Eligible expenses include medical copays, coinsurance, deductibles, eyeglasses, over-the-counter medications prescribed by your doctor and MORE!


Can only be used to pay for eligible dependent care expenses including day care, after-school programs (for a child under the age of 13) and elder care programs.





You will need to enroll in an FSA during each annual benefit open enrollment period if you wish to participate in an FSA for the following calendar year.

Open enrollment for FSA is held annually in November for a January 1st effective date.

Please click the options to the left to learn more about Health Care FSA's and Dependent Care FSA's.


All enrollments will be made via Employee Navigator.  (How to Enroll - Employee Navigator)

Log into Employee Navigator to enroll for all your voluntary employee benefits.

Company Identifier: lynnma


Once enrolled you should contact HRC Total Solutions for account inquiry. 

HRC Employee Assistance is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

The HRCTS Participant Portal is available for all employees enrolled in a plan.

  • Participants will receive an email at the email address on file, a welcome email alerting them they are enrolled, and to set up their online account.
  • Employees will be able to set up their own online accounts once they are enrolled in our system if an email address is provided.

Please Note: The Consumer Portal Guide is available to assist with our online capabilities.

Participants will be able to view the below information on the online Participant Portal:

  • Review or file claims
  • Check balances, monthly statements
  • Upload a receipt or order a debit card
  • Add a dependent
  • Update their Profile that includes demographic information

HRCTS Mobile App

Participants can download the HRC Total Solutions App and get some of the great following functionality:

  • Check a balance
  • Check final filing date(s)
  • Submit claims and upload receipts
  • View all claims requiring receipts and submit new receipts by taking a picture with their mobile device
  • Text message alerts