Crossing Guard

Department: Lynn Police Department
Job Title: Crossing Guard
Work Hours: 10 hrs/Week
Salary: Minimum Wage

General Duties and Responsibilities
1. Report directly to assigned crossing station, be on time, and remain there for at least one hour, or until
the conclusion of the assignment.
2. Ensure that children use the proper crossing locations and that no children are in the street while
traffic is moving.
3. Be alert for present or potential traffic hazards in the area surrounding the assigned crossings
4. Have vision in both eyes and be able to hear in both ears.

How To Apply
A completed application (please see below) can be submitted via:

- Returned to Officer Magner at the Lynn Police Department
- In-Person at the Personnel Department, Room 307 in Lynn City Hall
- Email ([email protected])
- Regular Post

If submitting via e-mail, please include the “JOB TITLE” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Job Title: “Crossing Guard"

The City of Lynn is an Equal Opportunity Employer!
If you have any questions about the application process or need assistance, please call (781) 586-4000 or email us at [email protected].