Building and Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Division of ISD is dedicated to providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment to visitors and residents of the City of Lynn that is conducive to educating and nurturing our children, while providing a comfortable work environment for our employees in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

Who We Are

The Division of Buildings and Grounds is primarily responsible for the maintenance, repair, and day-to-day operation of all municipal facilities under the jurisdiction of the Inspection Services Department in a safe and efficient manner. The Division currently oversees over 24 buildings which comprise the Lynn Public Schools infrastructure, as well as 9 additional municipal buildings including City Hall, the Lynn Police Department, the Lynn Public Library, Lynn fire stations and numerous other properties owned by the City of Lynn.

We provide expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance through our accomplished and dedicated corps of in-house custodians, skilled maintenance craftsmen and contractor cleaners assigned to Lynn schools.The Building and Grounds staff includes nearly 60 custodians, 12 maintenance craftsmen and other employees with administrative or technical expertise in the fields of facilities management, engineering, environmental health, administration, accounting, construction, planning and project management. A portion of our maintenance budget is further allocated to identifying and vetting private contractors.

What We Do

The Division of Buildings and Grounds oversees approximately 2.7 million square feet of floor space in 64 separate buildings within the City of Lynn, including cleaning, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, carpentry, painting, minor repairs, environmental health and safety and all other aspects of building maintenance.

To assure reliability, efficiency and adequacy in all building maintenance and operations, we track repair work from initiation to completion, monitoring and assessing quality and cost throughout, by means of Facility Dude, a state-of-the-art computerized Maintenance Management System.