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This page is a repository for planning projects in progress in the City of Lynn. For information about historic planning efforts, see the websites for Community Development, LHAND, and EDIC.

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Get Involved

- Housing Production Plan: The draft of Housing Lynn: A Plan for Inclusive Growth is available for public comment until January 21, 2021.

- Strawberry Brook Green Infrastructure: Share your input on upcoming street upgrades to implement green infrastructure in Lynn. Learn more about the project below and take our survey available in English or Español.

- Consider applying for a Board or Commission.

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) 
In 2018, the City of Lynn became a part of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant Program to help communities plan for climate change and take action toward adapting for future impacts. Lynn’s MVP Summary of Findings Report outlines several high priority projects, which the City has been actively pursuing grants to fund. To date, they have been successful in securing funding to:

- Develop the Strawberry Brook Resilient Stormwater Management and Implementation Plan, funded through an MVP Action Grant.
- Design Pilot Green Infrastructure Projects on Boston Street and in Barry Park/G.E.A.A. Field, funded through an MVP Action Grant.

Learn how to get involved in both design processes below.

Strawberry Brook Resilient Stormwater Management
The City of Lynn investigated green infrastructure options to reduce flooding and urban heat island effects through development of the Strawberry Brook Resilient Stormwater Management and Implementation Plan. The plan identifies 230 potential green infrastructure opportunities that can be combined into 23 different projects to improve public health and safety and climate resiliency.

Learn about the Strawberry Brook Plan in this short video (Video en Espanol), and learn about the green infrastructure/low impact development options in the plan’s Stormwater Infrastructure Toolbox. To go deeper on this topic, see the EPA’s resource compilation on green infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure Pilot Projects
The intersection of Boston Street and Mall St and Barry Park/G.E.A.A. Field were two of the project areas identified in the Strawberry Brook Resilient Stormwater Management and Implementation Plan Grant. The pilot green infrastructure projects are projected to significantly reduce flood risk.

The Boston Street and Mall Street intersection will be redesigned to include six green infrastructure features that will be installed by July 2021. This project area has the potential to also improve pedestrian safety among other co-benefits. The Barry Park/G.E.A.A Field project will be designed with the community and in coordination with other ongoing efforts in this area. Learn how to get involved in both design processes below.

How to Get Involved
The design process is just getting started, but your input will be needed throughout implementation of this plan to identify what street upgrades will be most beneficial in the project areas.

- Watch a video about the pilot projects English | Español
- Take our survey English | Español
- Follow along on social media with #lynnmvp
- Attend upcoming events (information coming soon)
- Send comments or questions by email

About the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant Program
In 2018, the City of Lynn became a part of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant Program to help communities plan for climate change and take action toward adapting for future impacts. The program includes two parts:

1) MVP Planning Grants where communities

- Define climate hazards
- Identify community vulnerabilities and strengths
- Develop and prioritize adaptation actions or projects
- Write a Summary of Findings Report

2) MVP Action Grants help communities
Implement priority adaptation actions or projects identified during the planning process

Nature-based solutions, like green infrastructure, are a major focus of the MVP program because they can help reduce flooding, manage stormwater, and provide numerous co-benefits. Green infrastructure features (like bioswales, tree box filters, permeable pavement, and planters) are an integral component of safe, resilient communities. They help to:

- address flooding issues - encourage walking and biking
- create public green spaces - beautify streets
- encourage neighborhood investment - restore natural areas
  - provide other public benefits.

Lynn Harbor Master Plan

The 2019 Lynn Waterfront Open Space Master Plan (2019 Waterfront Open Space MP), the 2019 Lynn Revised Waterfront Master Plan (2019 Revised Waterfront MP), and the 2020 Lynn Municipal Harbor Plan Amendment (2020 Lynn MHP) culminate nearly two decades of planning and investment in transforming the Lynn waterfront (see Figure 1 for the Harbor Planning Area and Figure 2 for the boundary of the Lynn Designated Port Area (DPA)). All three principal plans have looked at critical elements of a successful revitalization program centered on public waterfront open space. The public has provided considerable input in all three plans, and the City has ensured that these separate but related planning efforts have been closely integrated. Together they provide a seamless blueprint that establishes a rational pathway to implement an exciting vision for Lynn’s future waterfront.

Public Hearing
In accordance with applicable regulations at 301 CMR 23.00, public notice was given of the submission of the City of Lynn proposed Municipal Harbor Plan Amendment and Designated Port Area Master Plan (Plan) for approval by the Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). EEA and its Office of Coastal Zone Management has held a public hearing on the Plan on August 20, 2020 at 6:30 PM

Written Comments
Written comments on the proposed Municipal Harbor Plan will be considered and should be e-mailed to Comments must be received by 5 PM on September 9, 2020 (30 days after publication of this notice in the Environmental Monitor) but are welcomed any time during the comment period.

Written comments can also be provided and should be addressed to:
Office of Coastal Zone Management
251 Causeway Street, Suite 800
Boston MA 02114; Attention: Kathryn Glenn

Plan Copies
Copies of the City of Lynn proposed Plan are available on below on this webpage.the City of Lynn webpage. Individuals may obtain copies of the plan upon request to Aaron Clausen at 781-586-6853 or

Copies of the state regulation under which the proposed planning program will be evaluated (301 CMR 23.00) can be obtained from the State Bookstore via the book store website.

Una traducción al español de este Aviso está disponible a continuación en esta página web.

Housing Production Plan

Housing Lynn: A Plan for Inclusive Growth is a community-driven process that will establish goals and strategies to expand and diversify Lynn’s housing stock and increase affordability for people with a range of incomes. The plan will also fulfill all requirements of a Housing Production Plan under M.G.L. Chapter 40B.

This plan will focus on objectives pertaining to both Affordable Housing and market-rate development based on current and future housing need, given development constraints and opportunities. Through this planning process, the Lynn community can proactively influence development to guide the type, amount, and location of future housing, and signal to developers what kinds of future development is preferred.

The City of Lynn, through the Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development and the Mayor’s Office, is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to conduct this planning process and draft a plan.

This plan includes several sections:

- Background on past Lynn plans and recent context;
- A Housing Needs Assessment reviewing demographic and housing data, including projections, to understand current and future housing needs;
- An analysis of development constraints, impacts, and opportunities, including specific locations suited to specific kinds of residential development; and
- Goals and strategies to grow the stock of Affordable Housing and market-rate housing in Lynn, including an implementation plan.

Kicking off in early 2020, the planning process engaged people across Lynn, including groups historically excluded from urban planning processes—such as people of color, renters, low-income residents, non-native English speakers, and many others.

Learn more about the Housing Production Plan here.

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