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All food establishments in the City of Lynn must obtain a food permit and all licenses from the City Sanitarian. 

The Board of Health has established four broad categories of permit types, based upon risk, each with different required certifications and licenses, and an annual schedule of inspections.
The schedule of fees is as follows:

Schedule of Fees

Restaurants (Food Establishments) $100 Per/year plus $1 per/seat
Food Retailers $150 <10,000 sq.ft. selling area
$250 >10,000 sq.ft. selling area
Takeout Food Sales $100 - Gross Sales Up To $100,00
$200 - Gross Sales Up To $200,00
$300 - Gross Sales Up To $300,00
Bakeries $25 Per 1000 sq.ft. per/year, $100 min.
Commissary Kitchen (Caterers Kitchen) $200
Residential Kitchen for Bed & Breakfast $100
Package Stores $50
Produce Vendors $50
Ice Cream Vehicles $75
Hand Carts $50 Per/year plus $20 per/function
Temporary Food Service $75 Plus $5 per/stand or vehicle
Catering Service $50 Per/year + $20 per/function
Fraser Field $100 Event per/day maximum $700
Food Distribution (Food Warehouse) $100
Commercial Food Processing $200
Pasteurization License $10
Milk License $10
Frozen Desert License $25
Bottling License $75
Dumpster Permit $25
Vending Machine $50 Per Location plus $1 per machine
Tobacco Tobacco $50 *wait list placement possible
Any Other Food Establishment $50
Food Re-Score Inspection $50
Food Re-Inspection $25
Re-Inspection After Violation Follow Up $50
- -
Change of Ownership Inspection $50
Renovations $50 - Minor Change
(< 25% of total area)
$100 - Complex Change
(> 25% of total area)
$50 - Per/meeting for Additional Plan Review Meetings
Plan Review (Food Establishment) $150 - < 100 Seats
$200 - > 100 Seats
Plan Review (Retail) $100 - < 10,000 sq.ft.
$200 - > 10,000 sq.ft.

Classification of Types
Food establishments are classified based upon risk.  Type 1 permits apply to locations which pose a low risk of food borne illness or infection such as convenience stores or corner stores that sell only commercially prepackaged foods and/or whole produce.  Type 2 food establishments are considered low to medium risk because they are holding or repackaging pre-made foods and/or selling raw food products.  Type 3 permits are medium to high-risk establishments including most restaurants, takeout and delivery restaurants, diners and eateries which prepare raw food to order.  Type 4 permits apply to establishments which serve items which pose a particularly high risk and/or require a HAACP plan.

Permission To Sell:

Type 1:

Type 2:

Type 3:

Type 4:

Commercially prepackaged food





Commercially prepackaged frozen desserts/novelties





Commercially prepackaged milk and dairy products





Whole produce (fruit)





Pre-made foods (hot and cold holding)


Portions of pre-made bakery items


Packaged and labeled pre-cut produce


Fresh or frozen fish*


Soft-serve ice cream*


Hard/Scooped ice cream and milkshakes*




Packaged, labeled and inspected meat or poultry




On-site meal preparation



Butchering meat, fish and poultry



Raw fish, shellfish and lobsters*



Food preparation/storage requiring HACCP+


°Anti-choke training is required for establishments having 25 or more seats.
*Permit holders may require additional state and/or local licenses to engage in these activities.
+Any food establishment proposing a method requiring a HACCP must receive a variance from the Board of Health.

For additional information about food permits and/or opening a new food establishment please contact Lisa Tobin, Sanitarian at or (781) 586-6794. 

Emergency Planning for Food Establishments

The food code requires permitted food establishments to immediately notify city officials about imminent health hazards on-site.

You must immediately discontinue operations and notify the City Sanitarian of any of the following circumstances:
- Interruption/Disconnection of Electrical Service
- Interruption/Disconnection of Water Service
- Contaminated Water Supply
- Fire
- Flood
- Sewage Back-up
- Misuse of Poisonous/Toxic Materials
- Onset of a foodborne illness
- Gross Unsanitary conditions or any other circumstance that may endanger public health.

In the event of an imminent health hazard, the City Sanitarian or food inspector will provide guidance concerning emergency mitigation procedures including discarding spoiled/contaminated foods, disposable utensils and paper goods and/or communicate alternative processes to be followed so long as health hazards remain.

To reach the City Sanitarian when City Hall is closed, please email: or

Establishments which have been closed due to a health hazard must be inspected and approved by city officials before re-opening.

New Item Documents For Download (PDF)
  Emergency Action Planning For Food Establishments

Food Establishment Resouces

New Item Documents For Download (PDF)
  City and State Information and Requirements
  Food Permit Types Issued By The City of Lynn
  Food Allergen Awareness Training
  Certified Food Protection Manager - Requirements
  Effective June 1, 2018, the Board of Health has regulated any establishment that is required to have Certified Food Protection Manager and Allergen Awareness Trained individual have one on site during all hours of operation. This requires that if John Doe is your only certified/trained individual, that John Doe be on site during all hours including prepping/cooking/end of the evening cleaning.
  Certified Food Protection Manager Requirements
  Food Employee Reporting
  The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that Food Employees and Applicants who have received a conditional offer of employment notify the Person in Charge when they experience any of the conditions listed so that the Person in Charge can take appropriate steps to preclude the transmission of foodborne illness.
  Food Employee Reporting Agreement - English
  Food Employee Reporting Agreement - Multi-Language
  Norovirus Clean-up and Disinfection - English
  Norovirus Clean-up and Disinfection - Spanish
  Food Code Training
  Food Code Training - English
  Food Code Training - Spanish
  Food Code Training Video
  Fact Sheets
  Opening A Food Establishment
  Food Truck Fact Sheet
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