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Health Navigator, powered by PinnacleCare

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1 in 3 people will receive a life-changing medical diagnosis.  Will you know what to do next?

When you are faced with a serious health challenge, knowing where to go, how to get appointments quickly and understanding all treatment options can save you time and help you avoid unnecessary or inappropriate procedures.  Health Navigator offers high-touch advisory support and provider access to specialists that lead to better health outcomes.  

PinnacleCare services are available at no cost to members. They serve as a concierge team to assist when a serious healthcare challenge strikes by coordinating the member’s healthcare needs, advocating on their behalf, and helping avoid unnecessary procedures and associated costs and delays to ensure the best course of treatment. The PinnacleCare team services include:  

  • Facilitation of appointments with a top specialist
  • Coordination of expert second medical opinion
  • Comprehensive research report on diagnosis and treatment options
  • Gathering, organization, and forwarding of key medical records
  • Customized referral report profiling top local, regional, or national specialists
  • Virtual consultation for second medical opinion

If you have a serious diagnosis or recommendation for surgery, need a specialist or just a new doctor for routine care, call 888-352-4969 or go online to