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Lynn's Parks, Playgrounds and Boat Ramps are managed by the Parks and Recreation Department a division of the Lynn Department of Public Works. The city's has many recreational parks, playgrounds and boat ramps that provide year-round enjoyment, recreational activities and entertainment outings for all the citizens of Lynn, young and old.

Barry Park Clean-Up With GE Volunteers
Cook Street Clean-Up 2012

Mayor Kennedy sends her sincerest thanks to the organizers and volunteers who cleaned up the Cook Street Playground on Saturday March 17, 2012.

Cook Street Clean Up

If you are interested in organizing a park cleanup, the DPW would like to assist you. Please contact (781) 268-8000 for more information on how you can help your community.

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Barry Park: Boston Street (between Laurel & Cottage St.)
Breed Park: (includes Bowser Field/ O’Callaghan Way @ Breed Jr. High Rogato Field/Clancy Field) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Floating Bridge Park: Western & Eastern Ave.
Fraser Field: Western Avenue (between Maple & Washington St.) (includes Prunier Field at Locust St. end)
G.E.A.A. Field: Summer St. (between Linden & Ashland St.) Tennis Courts
Goldfish Pond Park Lafayette Park: (corner of Stephen St.)
Gowdy Park: Cedarbrook Rd.(between Tuscan Rd. & Maple Valley Rd) Tennis & Basketball Courts
High Rock Park: High Rock Street (off Lawton Ave.)
Hood Park: Holyoke Street (between Winnepurkit & Rollins Ave.) Basketball Courts
Keaney Park: Memorial Park Ave. (behind English High School)
Lynn Commons: North & South Common Street (Franklin to South St.)
Visit Our Playgrounds Ames Playground: Boston Street (between Congress & Franklin St.)
Bennett Street Playground: End of Bennett St. (corner Elmwood Ave.)
Clark Street Playground: Clark Street at end (off Eastern Ave.) (includes Bradley Campus Field)
Cook Street Playground: Cook Street (between Allen & Rockaway St.)
Elm Street Playground: Elm St. off So. Common St. (between Commercial & South St.)
Filene Playground: Western Ave. (between Mall & Park St)
Flax Pond Playground: Chestnut Street (between Pond & Carter Rd.) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Frey Playground: Walnut Street (between Dungeon Ave. & Oak St.) Tennis & Basketball Courts
Gallagher Playground: Ontario Street – Linwood St. – Hurd St. Tennis & Basketball Courts
Henry Avenue Playground: Henry Avenue (at end)
Kiley Playground:
Sanderson Ave. at end (off Chatham Street) Tennis Courts
Lynn Woods Playground:
Great Falls Road at end (Lynnfield St)
Magnolia Ave. Playground: Magnolia Ave. (off Broadway) Neptune Blvd. Park Neptune Blvd. & Commercial St.
Northern Ave. Playground: Northern Ave. at end (off North Franklin St.)
River St. Playground: River St. at end (off of Western Ave. & Cooper St.)
Sagamore St. Playground: Sagamore St. (off Lynnway between Washington St. and Newhall St.)
Sheridan Street Playground: Sheridan Street (off Essex St)
Smith Street Playground: Smith Street at end (between Green & School St)
Warren Street Playground: Warren Street (between Commercial St & Huss Ct) Basketball Courts
Williams Ave. Playground: Williams Ave. (between Chatham St & Empire St)
Visit Our Boat Ramps

Briarcliff Lodge Boat Ramp: 112 Kernwood Dr. @ Lynnfield St. Camp Kiwanis Pennybrook Rd. at end (off Walnut St.) Harbor Landing: Blossom Street (off of Lynnway)
MDC Boat Ramp: Off The Nahant/Lynn Rotary

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