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Public Health Notices | Visit The Health Department Website

Public Heath Announcements - None At This Time

There are no public health announcements at this time.


Current Traffic and Parking Announcements

Road Construction, Milling and Travel Advisories
Dear Homeowners and Residents:

The Lynn Department of Public Works will begin construction for the purpose of resurfacing on the following schedule, weather permitting:


Thursday August 1
Crestwood Circle, Poplar Street, Flint Street, Sigourney Street

Thursday August 1
Commonwealth Road, Douglass Street, Newbern Street

Friday July 26
Boston Street

Mon./Tues. July 22/23
Canon Rock Road, Betty Terrace, Sunset Road

- No parking signs will be posted in advance with dates/times of restricted parking.
- No Parking Between 7 AM until 5 PM
- Vehicles impeding the construction operation will be towed.
- Interruption to traffic flow will occur at times.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this project. If you have any questions or problems concerning this project please call the Department of Public Works at (781) 268-8000

MASSDOT TRAVEL ADVISORIES: Tobin Bridge/Chelsea Curves Rehabilitation Project and Sumner Tunnel Closure

-Lane Closures Begin The Morning of Tuesday, May 14:
Route 1 southbound lane closures begin and Route 1 northbound lane closures expand.

- I-93 South Carpool Lane Between Medford and Boston: This lane is being opened to all traffic for duration of Tobin/Chelsea Curves Project

Fireworks Traffic and Parking
FW The Lynn Fireworks Celebration are held at Red Rock Park in Lynn every July 3rd.  A live music concert will perform from 7 PM until 9 PM at the park. 

The Fireworks show will start at approximately 9 PM.
Fewer parking spaces will be available in the area of Lynn Shore Drive due to the needs of public safety vehicles. Visitors are asked to obey all parking restrictions posted. Residents that are able to walk to the event or park further away are encouraged to do so to help alleviate traffic congestion upon leaving the event.

Traffic will be shut down on Lynn Shore Drive at Nahant Street and into Swampscott on Humphrey Street at 7:30 PM Traffic will not open to motorists until pedestrians have cleared the area.  Traffic will be shut down on Ocean Street from New Ocean to Lynn Shore Drive at 6:30 PM

A decision to delay the show due to inclement weather will be made prior to 7 AM on the morning of the 3rd of July.  Please chech this webpage or the City’s twitter@LynnCityHall for up-to-date information on the event.


Other Events - None At This Time

No Announcements At This Time


Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Manning Field Notices

Department of Public Works Announcements (All Seasons)

    Spring Leaf Drop Off
    Pine Grove Clean Up Schedule
    Spring Dumpster Day!
    Hazardous Waste Day
    Spring Curbside Pickup Days 
    Spring Street Sweeping

    Summer Dumpster Day

    Leaves and Yard Waste Curbside Pickup
    Fall Hazardous Waste Day
    FALL Clean Up | Leaf and Yard Waste Curbside Collection
    Fall Dumpster Day
    Fall Street Sweeping
    Pine Grove Fall Clean Up | To Be Announced

    Click here for the DPW Spring, Summer and Fall Announcement webpage

    Snow Fighters Wanted
    Snow Emergency Info and Preparations
    Sand Barrel Locations
    Winter Sidewalk Pick Up / Christmas Tree Pick Up
    Sidewalk Clearing Ordinance
    Click here for the DPW Winter Announcement webpage

    Parks and Recreation Announcements
    Summer Park Jobs
    Complete Parks List
    Special Needs Camp and More
    Click here for the Parks and Recreation main webpage

    Youth Drop In Center
    Sports Clinics
    Broadway Shows and More!
    Click here for the Parks & Rec. Events and Activities webpage

    Manning Field Open Track Schedule
    The Manning Field open track schedule can be found on the Manning Field webpage.
    Click here for the Manning Field webpage
Weather and Storm Related Announcements
No Announcements At This Time

Street Sweeping Campaign | FALL 2019

The City of Lynn City-Wide Street Sweeping program is underway. The current schedule of operations is below.

Sweeping operations will be conducted from 7AM until 3 PM

Day Date Ward Precinct(s)
Monday October 28 1
1 2 3    
Tuesday October 29 1
1 2 3 4  
Wednesday October 30 1
2 3 4    
Thursday October 31 1
2 3 4    
Thursday October 31 2
Friday November 1 1
3 4      
Friday November 1 2
Day Date Ward Precinct(s)
1 2 3    
1 2 3 4  
1 2 3 4  
1 2 3 4  
1 2 3 4  
1 2 3 4  
Tips to Help Us to Keep Things Running on Schedule
This schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather.
Should inclement weather prevent sweepers from working in your area as scheduled, they will return seven (7) days from the date originally scheduled.

For public awareness, Lynn Community Television Channels 3 and 22
as well as Verizon Channels 37 and 38 also broadcast this schedule.
Sweeping operations will be conducted from 7 AM until 3 PM.

Please remove all cars from the street and encourage your neighbors to do the same for a cleaner LYNN.

Where necessary, vehicles impeding sweeping operations will be ticketed or towed in accordance with City Ordinances.

Leaves pushed into the streets from lawns will not be swept up.

Ongoing Downtown and Market Square Street Sweeping Program
Weekdays   Time Ward Precinct
Monday to Friday 4 Until 8 AM 4 2
  4 Until 8 AM 5 4
Ward 4 Streets Including But Not Limited To: Union, School, Violet, Baldwin, Joyce Pinkham Pl., Burchstead Pl., Smith, Pinkham, Union Ct., Union Pl., West Green to Friend Streets
Ward 5 Streets Including But Not Limited To: Munroe, Oxford, Andrew, Spring, Exchange, Mt Vernon, Liberty, Central Ave., Central Sq., Blake, Willow, City Hall Sq., Central Ave., Sutton, Washington from Essex to Broad Streets

Utility and Other Announcements and Notices

Report National Grid Outages - Updated August 2019

For Electric Outages (800) 465-1212 - For Gas Outages (800) 233-5325 or 911

FOR GAS EMERGENCY'S - If you smell gas anywhere, including in your home, go outside and call (800) 233-5325 or 911 Immediately.

Do not assume that someone else has already reported the emergency. Help us keep your community safe! We consider any of the below a gas emergency:

  • You smell gas or suspect a gas leak.
  • There is an abnormally high or low flame or no gas in all your gas appliances.
  • Gas to an appliance or heating unit cannot be shut off.
  • There is a continuous flow of water leaking from your gas heating unit or water heater.
  • Gas pipes are making unusual noises like roaring, hissing or whistling.
  • You notice dead vegetation that does not have a cause to be there.
  • You see a white cloud, mist, fog or bubbles in standing water.
  • There is an odor other than natural gas that is irritating to your eyes, nose and/or throat or someone is exhibiting symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure such as headache, nausea, lethargy, disorientation and combativeness.

As every report of a gas leak is a potentially hazardous situation, we recommend you evacuate the premises along with any family members and pets and wait for our technician to arrive.

DO NOT Under Any Circumstances:

  • Touch any electrical or light switches, doorbells, phones or anything that could cause a spark such as any appliances or thermostats.
  • Turn any electrical equipment on or off.
  • Pull plugs from outlets.
  • Smoke or light matches.

DOWNED POWER LINES SAFETY - Always use extreme caution near wires and power lines—for your own safety, assume they are live and deadly.

If you see a downed line, keep everyone away and report it to us at 1-800-465-1212 immediately. Repairing downed power lines can be dangerous work, so please drive carefully when you spot our repair crews on the road.

Downed Power Lines - If you see a downed power line, NEVER:

- Touch downed power lines or anything coming in contact with fallen lines
- Walk beneath overhead equipment, lines, or wires near a downed line
- Touch someone who is being electrically shocked
- Handle or cut utility poles
- Burn old poles as firewood—this will expose you to the chemicals used to treat and preserve them

National Grid Statement on Pipeline Safety - September 2018
There is nothing more important than the safety of our customers, our employees, and the public.  As an industry leader in adopting enhanced standards for pipeline safety management – having adopted the pipeline safety management system recommended by the American Petroleum Institute (API1173) – National Grid goes to great lengths, including considerable emergency planning preparation, continuous monitoring of our system, training of our workforce, performing regular inspections and maintenance of our gas system, and making extensive investments in our gas infrastructure, to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to our 930,000 gas customers in Massachusetts. We have assured our customers that our gas system is performing normally and we remain committed to keeping an ever-vigilant eye on safety, continuous improvement and best practices.

Lynn Landfill Update: February 14, 2019

See page 4 for information on deadline and how to submit comments

RE: LYNN-Solid Waste Management
Lynn Landfill Off Riley Way
FMF Number: 39445

BWP SW45/Any Facility-Presumptive Approval Application Number:

Conceptual Project Approval

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Northeast Regional Office, Bureau of Air and Waste, Solid Waste Management Section (MassDEP) has reviewed your application, catego1y BWP SW45 Any Facility- Presumptive Approval, Application Number: 18-SW45-000024-APP (the Application) for MassDEP approval of a conceptual closure plan for the Lynn Landfill located off Riley Way in Lynn, Massachusetts (the Landfill).

Langdon Environmental LLC of Southborough, Massachusetts (Langdon) prepared and submitted the Application to MassDEP on behalf of Lynn HarborPark, LLC (Lynn HarborPark). MassDEP received the Application on December 23, 2018. Supplemental Information to support the Application was submitted on February 8, 2019.


First Time Home Buying and Post Purchase Classes

Charles Gaeta, Executive Director In Partnership with the City of Lynn, Mayor Thomas M. McGee

8:30 AM until 2:30 PM
REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED: Saturday, May 18th, 2019 and Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Post Purchase Workshop for Homeowners
Buying your first home wasn't easy, but you did it!!
Now comes the long-term work of maintaining and keeping your home. This special class can make living out your dream a little easier.

First Time Homebuyer Class
Buying your first home wasn't easy, but you did it!! 
Now comes the long-term work of maintaining and keeping your home. 
This special class can make living out your dream a little easier.

Click here for more information on current and future classes!

- April 2019
The online version of the First Time Homebuyer Class
For more information

Realizing the Dream Deferred Loan Program
Down Payment Closing Cost Assistance

Other Community Announcements, News and Notices

Job Fair
Bridgewell Driver Open House - June 12, 2019 - 11 AM until 1 PM

Union Hospital Reuse Planning Study
Please Take Our Final Online Survey
Please Provide Your Feedback Here! (PDF)

Union Hospital Re-Use Presentation

Community Meeting #3 - February 12, 2019
Union Hospital Re-Use Planning Study
Community Meeting #2 - September 17, 2018
Union Hospital Re-Use Planning Study
Community Meeting #1 - August 27, 2018

Other Events - None At This Time

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