Pay Real Estate, Personal Property and Excise Taxes Online or By Phone
It’s now easier to view and pay your bills online!

The City of Lynn is happy to offer residents an easy and secure service to view, print and pay your Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax and Vehicle Excise Tax bills online using our new Online Bill Payment system, hosted by Invoice Cloud.

Invoice Cloud is an industry leader and provides simple, secure web based electronic invoice presentment and payment solutions that reduce cost, speed payments and help the environment.

We support electronic bill presentment (viewing) and payment because it is more convenient for residents and better for the environment. Click any of the icons below to make a payment!


Our new Online Bill Payment partnership with Invoice Cloud, offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to Use - No Registration Required
  • Access, View and Pay Your Bills Online, At Your Convenience
  • Option to Pay Immediately or Schedule a Payment
  • Enroll in Auto-Pay
  • Receive an Immediate Email Confirmation of Payment or Print a Receipt
  • Go Green - Sign Up for eBilling 

Payments Accepted

We accept Electronic Checks (using a checking or savings account) or the following Credit Cards for payment.

Service Fees

Online payments will incur a service fee. The City of Lynn receives only your payment amount. Service fees cover various administrative costs associated with accepting payments and are non-refundable.

  • The Service Fee when using a Credit Card is a Percentage Rate Fee of up to 2.95% with a Minimum Charge of $1
  • The Service Fee When Using an Electronic Check is $0.40

The service fee amount is automatically calculated and is shown on the payment page before you submit your payment for processing. Service fees will appear as a separate charge from the bill amount on your credit card or bank statement.

If you need help using online bill pay or you have a question about your account, please call Christine Paradise at (781) 586-6746 or send email to

If there is an error in the Credit Card charge, please contact Invoice Cloud at (877) 256-8330 x2700.

Pay-by-Phone Option

Taxpayers also now have the option of paying their bills by phone. The service fees for pay-by phone are the same as indicated above for paying online. However, there is an additional $1.95 fee applied when paying by phone.

If you wish to use the pay-by-phone service, please call toll-free: (844) 278-9119

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