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Welcome to the Lynn Public Library Trustees

For information and resources, please select an item from the left hand menu to view information and download links to available files and forms.

Meetings are scheduled for the last Thursday of each month at 3:30 PM in the Chief Librarian's Office. The meeting schedule and agenda, when available, is displayed in the City Clerk office and webpage as well as our Online Calendar.

Learn more by visiting: NobleNet/Lynn

List Contact Information
Chief Librarian Theresa Hurley (781) 595-0567 (p)
(781) 477-7057 (tty)
(781) 592-5050 (f)
List Members
Chairman William Conway 64 Springview Drive (781) 593-1011
Vice Chair Rolf Flor 589 Essex Street (781) 581-4444
Clerk Jeanette Maes 64 Harrison Avenue (781) 599-1349
  Edward Lynch  45 Franklin Street (781) 581-3362
  Joe Smart 62 Millard Steet (617) 650-7193
  Linda Valles-Barefield 50 Goodridge Street
LEHS Library Media Cnt.
(781) 477-7366
  Deborah Smith Walsh    
  Judith Weber 52 Apple Blossom Lane (781) 595-7397
  Andrea Williams 38 Endicott Street (781) 599-0675
  Rick Wood 32 S. Common Street (781) 581-5900

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